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Welcome to the Re-defined Lancashire Combined Watch Forum

An Independent Mediating Co-operative Academy primarily for promoting the work of all watch co-ordinators, their schemes and associations wether they be Neighbourhood watch's, Business Watch's, Rural, Horse watch or any other type of watch organisation.
The w
atch philosophy is a Partnership where people get together to make their Communities Safer. It involves the Police, Community Safety Departments of Local Authorities, other Voluntary Organisations and above all, Individuals and families who want to make their Neighbourhoods better and safer places.

It is a well known fact that people's perception of crime is far worse than the actual crime in the area. Neighbourhood Watch can lessen these fears just by people knowing we are there. Therefore., the object of our Website is to not only provide information to our watch members throughout the County with regard to news and Initiatives at National, County and local level, but to enable the residents of Lancashire to keep up to date with all relevant Crime Prevention initiatives and General Safety News / information in an effort to reduce the fear of crime and assist in enabling people to feel safe and secure.

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