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Caravan & Motor Home Security

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Much of what is said about caravan & motor home security can also be applied to other forms of trailer.

Make sure you fully read your insurance document including the terms and conditions, because you will have signed and/or agreed a contract and if you have failed to do something which is covered in your insurance policy, which they see as a contributing factor in the event your caravan or motor home is stolen, you could have difficulty making a claim. So make sure you do everything your insurance cover asks of you, without fail.
Crime Prevention Tips
When parked or not in use, lock the caravan/motor home in several ways using devices such as a hitch-lock, locking wheel nuts, a wheel clamp, a wheel lock and steady locks. If using chains ensure they are the very heavy duty type
Consider fitting a tracking device
Fit an alarm and use it whenever the caravan/motor home is vacated
Windows, doors and roof-lights should be closed and locked whenever the caravan/motor home is vacated. Consider supplementing any manufacturer’s fitted locks with additional locks if appropriate
Don't leave paperwork relating to the caravan or motor home inside the caravan/motor home, such as the CRiS (Caravan Registration & Identification Scheme) registration form, as this can help a thief to sell it on
Keep your caravan/motor home keys separate from the car keys and keep them on your person or when at home put them in an insurance rated safe
Photographs of the interior and of identifying marks may be useful for later identification
Ensure your CRiS registration details are kept up-to-date
Make a note of serial numbers of any equipment kept on-board
When not in use:

Keep the caravan/motor home in a secure storage compound. If you find one that has been independently assessed for its security then so much the better
Remove personal belongings and cupboard contents and leave the cupboard doors and curtains open
If keeping the caravan/motor home at home consider installing pull-up or lever-up security posts to obstruct the driveway and to provide additional anchoring points to secure the caravan/motor home
When on site:

Introduce yourself to neighbouring caravan/motor home owners and campers and look out for each other, reporting any suspicious behaviour to the site staff and/or the police
Follow the relevant guidance above when the caravan is vacated
Try to use sites that provide a good level of security.  If the site has been independently assessed for security then so much the better
Use security measures laid on by the site and follow their security procedures
Another security application to think about is to consider applying roof markings to your caravan/motor home that can be seen from above i.e. bridges. If you use this method, consider using the CRiS number together with the year of manufacture of the vehicle.

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