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LCWF info

Lancashire Combined Watch Forum
Annual General Meeting
Saturday 20th May 2017 10.30 to 14.00
Venue – Ellis Building Lancashire Constabulary HQ, Hutton

Meeting Minutes

Ben Aitken                                          Fari Atchia*                                   Gillian Atkinson
Richard Baguley*                                 Roger Baines MB                           David Clark  
Marguerite Clark                                  Malcolm Clifford*                           Raymond Ellis
Colm Flaherty*                                    Hazel Flaherty*                             Grahame Greene
Judith Hindle                                       John Hitchon*                               Amanda Holt
Ian Humphreys                                   Kevin McNulty                                David Melhuish
Mohamed Nilofer*                               David Noblett                                 Jean O’Keefe
Michael Ousby                                    Elaine Parker                                  Christine Pedersen
Eric Pedersen                                     Ron Pickup                                     Peter Platt
Jim Proctor*                                      Louis Rimmer                                  Gordon Rimmer
Nicky Robinson                                  Sylvia Rymer                                   John Shorter
Lisa Smith                                        Colleen Speight                                Mel Speight
Geza Tarjany                                    Eslyn Valles                                     Gareth Walker

Ian Dickinson

Lancashire Constabulary
C.I. Ian Sewart                                Sgt. Danielle Freaney                        PC Matt Butcher

Police Cadets
Jen Fisher                                       Nicola Beardall                                  Thomas Cowburn
Lewis Dalton                                   Becky Mitchell Dolan

National NHW
Lianne Taylor

Clive Grunshaw PCC                         Irene May*                                        Betty Tyrrell*
Glynis Whitehead
(*LCWF Committee members)

1) Welcome

Roger Baines MBE, Chair of the Lancashire Combined Watch Forum (LCWF), opened the meeting, welcomed the attendees, thanked them for attending and outlined the agenda for the day.

A copy of the agenda will be made available with these minutes.(Click Here )

2) The PCC and NHW

Ian Dickinson, (Governance and Policing Lead Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for
Lancashire) offered the PCC, Mr. Clive Grunshaw’s apologies. The PCC was unable to attend due to
other commitments.

Ian outlined the PCC’s commitment to NHW and how he saw it as an integral part of his vision and
plan for policing in Lancashire.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) has been working very closely with the
LCWF and Lancashire Constabulary over the last few years to establish what support is required and
can be provided to NHW.

The PCC shares the LCWF’s Vision and Plan for NHW in Lancashire and has agreed to provide
whatever support he can.

3) Lancashire Youth Watch

Jen Fisher, Police Cadet Co-Ordinator, introduced members of the Police Cadets and gave an
overview of their role and activities.

The recently introduced Lancashire Youth Watch scheme was explained and was considered to be
very closely aligned to NHW.

Comments from the floor thanked Jen and the cadets and commended their scheme and the
activities they were undertaking as an extension of NHW in general.

Copies of Jen’s presentation will be made available with these minutes. (Click Here )

4) Lancashire Volunteer Partnership (LVP)

Chief Inspector Ian Sewart presented and overview and progress update on the LVP.

During the presentation a number of changes which would have a direct impact on NHW were
identified, in particular;

The disestablishment of the Watch Liaison Officer role,
Transfer of NHW support role from the police to LVP,
Requirement for NHW coordinators to register with the LVP to ensure continuing support.

  Place Based Policing
  During his presentation CI Sewart also gave on overview and update on Place Based Policing
  with each area’s senior police team being identified by name.

Copies of the Ian’s presentation will be made available with these minutes.(Click Here )

5) LCWF Vision and Plan for NHW in Lancashire

Roger Baines MBE presented the LCWF’s Vision and Plan for consideration, comment and

The Vision and Plan has been prepared because of feedback from NHW coordinators at various
events and is also based on the results of a survey conducted by the LCWF prior to the Lancashire
NHW Conference on 18th March 2017.

The vision is for an integrated NHW Movement across Lancashire with greater and more consistent
support being provided to coordinators.

The plan identifies the step proposed to achieve that vision.

A copy of the Vision and Plan will be made available with these minutes.  (Click Here )

Questions and Answers

The following topics were raised from the floor and discussed during the Q&A session.

•   Availability and visibility of Police officers in rural areas
•   Difficulty in contacting individual neighbourhood police officers / teams.
•   Topicality and accuracy of contact details on Police website.
•   Progress on recruitment for LVP roles.
•   Implications for NHW post WLO’s
•   Level of support which will be provided to NHW by the LVP.
•   Requirement for NHW Coordinators to have to register with LVP.
•   Content of letter to coordinators regarding registration with LVP.

Thanks were extended to Sgt Danielle Freaney for her advice on contacting NHP teams and her
demonstration on how to identify NHP teams on the Police website.

The LCWF Committee advised that they are committed to continuing to work with the OPCC, Police
and LVP to address the questions and concerns raised and further review the above question topics
to ensure that they continue to be adequately addressed.

6) Treasurer’s Report

The LCWF Treasurer, Colm Flaherty, presented the Treasurer’s Report to the meeting.

The report covered the period from 20th February 2016 to 10th May 2017.
The accounts were accepted as a true record. For a copy of the accounts (Click Here )

The accounts were audited on 10th May 2017 by Mrs Ann Lawrence. The audit concluded that no
items of concern were identified and that the accounts have been kept in excellent order.

For copy of Auditors Certificate  (Click Here )

7) Dissolution of existing committee

As required by Para 7 (b) of the LCWF Constitution:

“All the members of the Executive Director Committee shall retire from office together at the
beginning of the Annual General Meeting, they may be re-elected or re-appointed.”

It was therefore considered that all existing LCWF Committee Members had retired.

8) Election of new committee members

Para 12 (d) of the LCWF Constitution requires that:
“Nominations for election to the Executive Director Committee must be made by members
of the Forum in writing and must be in the hands of the secretary of the Executive Director
Committee at least 7 days before the Annual General Meeting. Should nominations exceed
vacancies, election shall be by ballot.”

The following nominations had been received by the Secretary in compliance with the above

Fari Atchia                              Martin Adams                                   Richard Baguley
Roger Baines MBE                   Malcolm Clifford                                Colm Flaherty
Hazel Flaherty                        John Hitchon                                     Irene May
Nilofer Mohamed                    Michael Ousby                                   Jim Proctor
Betty Tyrell

Prior to the election, Michael Ousby advised that he no longer wished to stand for election. The
following candidates were therefore proposed for election:

Fari Atchia                             Martin Adams                                     Richard Baguley
Roger Baines MBE                  Malcolm Clifford                                  Colm Flaherty
Hazel Flaherty                       John Hitchon                                       Irene May
Nilofer Mohamed                   Jim Proctor                                         Betty Tyrell

As nomination did not exceed vacancies and there were no objections or dissentions, the
above nominees were considered to have been elected to the LCWF Committee.

9) Close Meeting

All attendees were requested to complete a feedback form. The results to be used to gauge the
success of the meeting, to measure the level of acceptance of the LCWF Vision and Plan and assist in
determining follow up actions and activities.

There being no further business, Roger Baines MBE thanked the attendees and presenters for their
attendance and support. The meeting was declared closed.

Colm Flaherty
Secretary, Lancashire Combined Watch Forum.
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