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The Chief Constable is introducing throughout Lancashire a new way of ensuring that community problems are identified and tackled.
In essence, it is proposed that in each Ward area, a representative group of people is formed who will meet to prioritise and monitor activities in the area.
This group may include people such as:
· Residents ( and resident associations)
· Councillors
· Faith Leaders
· Police Community Beat Managers
· Police Community Support Officers
· Housing Officials
· Local Business Owners
· Youth Organisations / Workers

The group will prioritise and monitor activities towards solving problems that are raised by the community. The Police will be required to report back to monthly meetings and show what has been done to improve things or explain why activities could not take place.

These priorities will form the basis of what your Community Police Staff will do and it gives the public a direct say on Policing in the area. In addition it is anticipated that partnerships will be formed to contribute to the solutions.

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