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Interested in Setting up a New Neighbourhood Watch?

Many thanks for your interest in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch in your area.

The process is fairly straightforward and relies on the community concerned having a wish to set up and run such a scheme.

  Key to the scheme is the Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator who is willing to; facilitate setting the watch up, and, continue to act as the focal point for the watch when it is in operation.(See attached information sheet)

Steps to setting up a watch

  1. The coordinator should advise neighbours of the wish to set up a Neighbourhood Watch in their area (*see below). This will enable the coordinator to gauge the level of interest and support they may expect.
  2. Subject to feedback and where it is considered that a watch is viable, a public meeting should be arranged to discuss and formally launch the watch. All interested residents should be invited to that meeting.
  3. Following set up the watch may decide to appoint a small committee and arrange regular meetings, but these are entirely optional and at the discretion of the watch. The needs of each individual watch will be different and will help determine its actions and way forward.
  4. The Lancashire Combined Watch Forum will provide guidance and support throughout the process.

If you wish to proceed

  1. Please register on the Lancashire Neighbourhood Watch Database (hosted on the Lancashire Volunteer Partnership website). Click here for Guide to registering on the LVP Website
  2. The Lancashire Combined Forum will then send you a New Watch pack containing all the necessary documentation to proceed. (* This includes a template letter to be sent to your neighbours.)
If you have any queries, please contact -

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