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In The Know

Many of you will have heard of  'InTheKnow' which is an email based system run by the police whereby emails are  sent by the police regarding matters in the local area to users who have signed  up to this service. A new service called 'Lancashire Talking' has been created  in collaboration with 'InTheKnow' and will eventually replace 'InTheKnow', this  service is very similar in its use and will provide a way for the police to  communicate with the local community and identify the issues which affect those  local communities.
In brief, the user signs up to  'Lancashire Talking' with their details including which area they live or work  in. Once the user is signed up, they will be sent a survey to complete about  their thoughts on their area and what issues are present. This survey will be  picked up from the Local Policing team who will then look at how to resolve the  issues raised. Users will then be given the opportunity to retake the survey  every 3 months to gauge how issues are resolving or shifting in any given  area

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