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What is NHW

What is Neighbourhood Watch

“Neighbourhood Watch turns a neighbourhood into a Community.

It starts right at our own front door, giving individuals an identity that provides empowerment to
Have a voice
v  Link with Authorities
v  Monitor how things are going
v  Allow people to see a real difference

Neighbourhood Watch has matured since its beginning in 1983.

Today it is  a recognised symbol amongst any Community Action Plan, because it is the glue that holds people together in a basic no-frills capacity.

Whether your neighbourhood wants
-          a simple, basic level of connection through the Neighbourhood Watch identity
-          to include community cohesion awareness by interest in actual events
the range is endless.  The Scheme is perfectly adaptable it any amount of differing social needs from Town Watch to Farm Watch.

Neighbourhoods can enjoy being connected through a variety of media –

*      by post

*      text messaging

*      email list

*      Website

*      Verbally passing information to each other

By being connected, and receiving updates, we are better informed to prevent crime; and even be more alert to report and ward off untoward situations.

Neighbourhood Watch is the Umbrella that helps us stay connected.”

Most crime is opportunist, committed on the spur of the moment or when a car or house is left unlocked. This means there is enormous scope for reducing the chances of becoming a victim of crime.

Everyone knows that the police are there to fight crime, but they cannot succeed on their own - they need support from the public. This support can be given in the effective way of forming a neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Neighbourhood Watch Schemes can:

•      Cut crime and the opportunities for crime.

•      Help and reassure those who live in fear of crime.

               •      Encourage neighbourliness and closer communities.

There are other benefits to Neighbourhood Watch schemes too. You will become familiar with crime prevention ideas which will help you to keep your home and belongings safe. You may also get a premium discount from you insurance company.

The Lancashire Neighbourhood Watch Forum that includes all Co-ordinators and members across the County has recently been formed. The aim of this group is to provide additional support for schemes and local associations.

If you would like to set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in your area, Contact Local Watch Liason Officer through
Your Local Police Station

If you have information regarding suspicious incidents ring your local police station or in an emergency dial 999

If you have information on anyone involved in crime or who you believe may be involved in crime ring CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111. Your call is free, you don’t have to give your name and you may receive a cash reward.

Meerkats (shown above ) exemplify the motives behind Neighbourhood Watch. As a community they watch out for all the members of their particular group and act in the best interest of that group.
  The  Musketeers quote “One for all and all for one”  is very apt to Neighbourhood Watch Schemes as their greatest strength is their unity.
Over the years being neighbourly seems to have gone out of fashion, Neighbourhood watch is bringing back the old values of being neighbourly and bringing the caring back into communities.
This has a throw back effect of communities working together in other fields to promote the welfare of the community, such as combating anti-social behaviour, graffiti ,and other local issues

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